The current version of MagicPoint is 1.13a . (Feb 14 2008)
Weekly snapshot is available to obtain the current version.

What is "Magic Point"?

Magic Point is an X11 based presentation tool. It is designed to make
simple presentations easy while to make complicated presentations possible.
Its presentation file (whose suffix is typically .mgp) is just text so that
you can create presentation files quickly with your favorite editor (e.g. Emacs, vi).

What's new in 1.13a?

  • m17n library support enhancement
  • MacOS support enhancement
  • add new environment variable MGPRC for the path of the .mgprc file.
  • add "psfont" directive to specify the font used by mgp2ps
  • add -g option for mgp2ps to allow users to adjust line distanc
  • add -zoomonclk option for newimage
  • allow to handle gif format images by default
  • many bug fixes


    Magicpoint 1.13a is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jun-ichiro "itojun" Hagino, who was known for his enormous contribution to the Internet and the Open Source Software community. He was the developer of Magicpoint from its infancy. Magicpoint could not exist without his devoted work.

What's new in 1.12a?

  • add %tsystem directive which might be more stable than %xsystem
  • add -rotate option for newimage
  • allow to use non-ASCI filename in slides (use -U to enable this feature)
  • many bug fixes

What's new in 1.11b?
  • (bugfix) suppress flickering screen when ctrl key is pressed

What's new in 1.11a?
  • use EWMH to get borderless fullscreen. (use 'w' key to switch)
  • MacOS X support
  • m17n library support
  • setlocale-patch built in, print.c (from mailing list: mgp-users 01112)
  • %-character can be escaped by '\' at the beginning of a line
  • escape sequence added
    • \[xX]HH will be converted to a character (H - hex value)
    • \\ means \
    • \[^xX] or \[xX]CC with 'C' different to hex values will cause the program to exit -1
  • super-/subscript support
  • support for symbol font added
  • new option: --title 'title' for mgp.
  • add -raise option for %newimage directive
  • many bug fixes.

What's new in 1.10a?
  • Support for Xft2 + fontconfig. If you are not familiar with these words, please see FAQ and README.xft2 for more information.
  • Support for new directive %tab 0 which can be used to apply a list of directives to lines that start with a non-tab character.
  • For security reasons, we have changed mgp so that directives that fork a process are not processed by default. The -U option must be specified in order to process such directives.
  • Introduced %opaque directive. Please see SYNTAX for detailed information.
  • Support for iso8859-2 encoding for mgp2ps
  • Introduced -X option for mgp2ps to suppress the use of the specified rendering engine
  • Introduced escape char '\' to display lines that start with '#'.
  • Many bug fixes.

Sample Slides

Example slides in English
Another example slides in English

Example slides in Japanese

Mailing Lists

Mailing-Lists in English

Mailing-Lists in Japanese


older versions.


MagicPoint Book (written in Indonesian)
mmaker : pre-processor for the MagicPoint presentation tool.
MagicPoint Toolbox : Contains lots of useful information for the MagicPoint.