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(Updated on August 20, 2003)

What is SMTPfeed?

SMTPfeed is a SMTP delivery agent which is called by sendmail, and it improves time required to complete delivery a message to huge number of recipients. SMTPfeed is effective for delivery of large mailing lists.

SMTPfeed requires the LMTP(RFC2033) feature available since sendmail 8.9. But another hack is also required to make feature of SMTPfeed more effective. The hack is for increase number of recipient dramatically in one SMTP transaction. A patch (3.4W) for the hack is also available.


Supported Operating Systems (report based information)

Known bugs

How to get SMTPfeed

The newest SMTPfeed package is:

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Mailing list

Please contact <smtpfeed-request(at)> for subscription. Discussion is held in Japanese (sorry).

Reporting bugs

Please send bug reports to <smtpfeed-bugs(at)>.

NAKAMURA Motonori, WIDE Project