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          Hi, this is Yasuo Tsuchimoto, Project Assistant Professor of the University of Tokyo. I was born in Hiroshima in 1971 and raised in Hiroshima, too. When I was a high school student, I had a great chance to stay in Columbus, Ohio as an exchange student. It was my precious experience in West High School (88-89). Then, I would like to study in US, but I decided to study in Japan, first. Luckily I was admitted to Keio University. And I had an opportunity to study Internet technology. It was a dawn of the Internet in Japan.

          I have worked for Internet industry since then. I obtained a doctor degree from Keio University in 2004. My dissertation title is “The model of network engineer fostering for Internet start up area”. I’ve got involved with so many activities in Internet technology education, such as Network Training Workshop (sponsored by ISOC), Cisco Networking Academy in Japan, School on the Internet Asia Project and so on. I am also JICA expert in several projects (Vietnam, Mozambique  and Rwanda). And I am also interested in Network Operation and Management and routing technology.

          I had worked for Keio University since 2001. And while I was working in Keio University, I had a wonderful opportunity to work in Asian Institute of Technology for four years. Then I now work for the University of Tokyo.

Ph.D of Media and Governance, Keio University, 2004

Project Assistant Professor of the University of Tokyo

If you need my CV, please feel free to take a contact to me.