* Overview [#f5d6a6e0]
i-WAT is a system of autonomous distributed electronic complementary currencies based on the WAT System.
i-WAT is currently implemented as a plug-in for [[wija>en/Projects/wija]]

Release web site:
- http://www.media-art-online.org/iwat/

* To-Do [#q8a0025d]
- [[wija-to-do>en/Projects/wija/wija-to-do]]

* Wish List [#q70b87bd]
-Make your wish!
- [[wija-wishes]] (currently provided in Japanese, but you can add items in English)
* Recent news [#v7bff106]
* Schedule [#md4cc784]
* Research items [#l7efdd06]
[Please enter your suggestions of research items.]

* Development environment [#ibca7011]
- [[wija development environment]]

Contact: Kenji Saito <ks91@sfc.wide.ad.jp>

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