WIDE Technical-Reports/Paper-Lists

The WIDE project publishes documents that describes various activities performed in the project. These documents are called WIDE Technical-Reports and WIDE Paper-Lists.

There is no particular limitation on the content of the documents. All useful results through WIDE activity can be published from the WIDE project. For example, an experiment report and a list of operational know-how can be published as a WIDE Technical-Report. In addition, information of published papers based on the WIDE activities are published to provide more formal information about our activities.

All documents except papers will be published as WIDE Technical-Reports. Information of papers will be published as WIDE Paper-Lists. Each type of documents will contain the following contents.

WIDE Technical-Reports
WIDE Technical-Reports are any documents except papers which are issued publicly. WIDE Technical-Reports may contain documents published from other organizations, such as Internet-Drafts or RFC, if they are outcomes of the activities of the WIDE project.
WIDE Paper-Lists
WIDE Paper-Lists are documents to introduce papers which are written based on the activities of the WIDE project. The papers listed in WIDE Paper-Lists usually have already been reviewed and published from other organizations before being published as WIDE Paper-Lists. WIDE Paper-Lists provide all necessary information for readers to understand the abstract and the way to retrieve the copy of the original papers.

A list of WIDE Technical-Reports/Paper-Lists

Old documents

The documents published based on the old documentation system are available from the following page.