WIDE drafts/reports

The operation of the WIDE draft and the WIDE report has been

The WIDE technical-report and the WIDE paper, which are the new documentation system in the
WIDE project, have been launched in December 2005.
WIDE drafts and WIDE reports are documents that describe the results
of activity in the WIDE project.  (The difference between drafts and
reports is the quality of the document.  See below.)

We highly appreciate any comments outside from WIDE on both drafts and 
reports.  Comments should be sent to the mail address described in the
document (if any, but this is the typical case) or to WIDE area
directors (ADs, ad@wide.ad.jp).

There is no particular limitation on the content of drafts and
reports.  All useful results through WIDE activity can be a draft or a
report.  For example, an experiment report and a list of operational
know-how can be published as a draft.  In addition, published papers
or RFCs written by WIDE member(s) may be reproduced, when allowed, as
a WIDE document.

The followings are supplemental explanations for WIDE drafts and

- WIDE drafts
  Any document that does not have enough quality or needs an
  improvement to become a final form is issued as a draft.  Drafts are
  issued basically without a detailed review on the content in favor
  of prompt publication.  The first version of a document is typically
  a draft.

  Issued drafts are eventually reviewed by ADs to become a report.

  A WIDE draft is in general revised to become a report, but it never
  expires in contrast to an Internet-Draft.  (However, a draft will
  be removed from the list of drafts when it becomes a report.)

- WIDE reports
  A WIDE report is the final form of any document published in WIDE.
  A draft becomes a report when the ADs approve it through the review
  process.  For example, if the document has enough quality to be
  accepted as a technical paper, it will be approved as a WIDE report.

  Our goal in the document system is that WIDE reports will be
  referred to as useful documents from Internet-related engineers all
  over the world.

A list of WIDE drafts/reports