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What is IDEON-wg?

IDEON(Integrated Distributed Environment with Overlay Network)-wg is a working group for researchars, who try to approach a goal of WIDE project -- ``Integrated Distributed Environment'' -- using Overlay Network as a tool.

One can say Overlay Network to mean many system. We, IDEON-wg, doesn't focus systems like VPN which extends Layer-3 /4 of legacy OSI-model. Instead, we keenly focus application-layer overlay network like IRCNet or MTA-mesh with SMTP, or DHT-systems like OceanStore?, Chord and others.

IDEON-wg is now working to categorize application-layer overlay networks. Our goal is to build overlay network as common infrastructure of various applications.

For details, please contact us at .

WG Charter

IDEON focuses on research, development and operation of overlay networks as an infrastructure to realize free and creative rendezvous, location and routing.

Research topics include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Application Layer Multicast
  • Operable distributed hash tables
  • Self-sustained trust management for distributed autonomous systems


Having no restriction whatsoever as to which peers one can communicate with on the Internet.
Being able to select a peer according to the user's objectives, requirements, needs and contexts so that communication will work for the user in the most valuable ways.
To select the identifier of a peer according to one's objectives, requirements, needs and contexts.
To discover the logical position (ex. IP address) of the node from its identifier.
To deliver the message sent toward an identifier to the corresponding process on a processor.
Overlay Network
A virtual network of peers which realizes identification, location and routing over an appropriate abstraction of nodes made specifically for some application over the IP network.


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